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It’s no secret (at least for me) that I’ve always had an affinity for city engineering and the democratic process that allows us as regular citizens to take part into the decision making process of our cities and the places we live in.

As such, I decided to make a simple but yet powerful suggestion to the municipal government of La Piedad, that if taken could have an impact on the way hundreds of citizens commute to and from work.

The problem

After having lived in California for a few years while attending college, I became used to how well roads and signs are maintained and how these two ubiquitous things help us navigate our cities with ease and without frustration.

Once I moved back to México, I realized how much of an impact the lack of these two things have on people commuting to and from work; and thus, the intersection discussed in the video created an inconvenience in my every day life.

The solution

In order to create a healthy environment that opened the doors to debates looking to improve the lives of the citizens of La Piedad, I decided to use my abilities to teach, share knowledge and create videos, and combine them into one.

The stylistic choice had to be one that was proven to be effective in creating change. It was also required for this solution to be entertaining and informative at the same time.

That’s how I knew that creating an explainer video inspired by the work of Vox, would have the greatest and widest impact.

The result

Combining these abilities and my inspiration from Vox, I was able to come up with a video that quickly spread like a wildfire over Facebook in La Piedad.

Not only did the municipal mayor got in touch with me through the video, but I also had the opportunity to meet with the director of mobility to talk about effective ways to make positive changes in our city and how citizens like me can take part into the decision making process.

Without further ado I live you with the video below.

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