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The Sound of Deer & Beer – Music Video by Jägermeister
Beer and Deer Jägermeister

Jägermeister is a German herbal liqueur made from a blend of 56 different herbs, fruits, roots, and spices. It has a unique and strong flavor profile with hints of licorice, citrus, and herbs. Often served as a digestif or used as a key ingredient in popular cocktails such as the Jägerbomb.

The goal

Jägermeister faced a perception challenge in the Mexican market since its introduction to the country. Since the beginning it has been commonly associated with rapid consumption for the purpose of intoxication rather than being appreciated for its flavor. Seeking to reshape this perception, the brand aimed to highlight Jägermeister as a beverage that can be savored and paired with beer for a pleasurable drinking experience.


Influenced by the musical stylings of Ana Rizo and Billy Mendrix, director Eduardo Ávila determined that the most effective approach to exemplify the harmonious fusion of Jägermeister and beer was to engage the senses through a music video, which visually conveyed how the blending of these two alcoholic beverages resulted in a distinctive and captivating composition akin to the pleasure experienced when consumed together.

The vision

The director aimed to illustrate the synergy between opposing elements in a visually striking manner, leading to the choice of the still-under-construction Environmental Science Museum as the backdrop for the shoot, where a forest-like setting was created indoors to juxtapose the industrial environment with the allure of nature.

Environmental Sciences Museum in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

Moreover, each musician was equipped with a unique guitar pedal capable of altering the tone of their instruments when exposed to various liquids. Ana Rizo received a pedal infused with beer, while Billy Mendrix received a pedal infused with Jägermeister, enabling them to collaboratively compose an extraordinary and original musical piece.

The result

Following an extensive production process, our dedicated team successfully concluded the filming of this remarkable creation, reflecting their commitment and perseverance throughout the duration of the project.

Hope you enjoy it!


Official Selection Cannes Lions Laurel

The music video’s exceptional effort bore fruit, as it earned recognition in the Official Selection of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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