Spec Commercial
Burger King’s Stacker Salvaje & Burger Drop

Burger King is a fast food restaurant chain founded in 1953 that specializes in flame-grilled burgers and sandwiches. With locations worldwide, it offers a diverse menu including fries, chicken nuggets, milkshakes, and breakfast options.

The goal

In an endeavor to showcase exemplary creativity and technical expertise, a collaborative effort was undertaken during the presence of acclaimed German director Xander Bartole, accomplished cinematographer Winnie Heun, and skilled food stylist Pedro Torres, resulting in the production of a burger spec commercial.


Drawing from the artistic repertoire of director Xander Bartole and his team, along with the established advertising campaigns of Burger King, the team sought inspiration for the project, incorporating elements such as simple forms of already achieved burger drops and the brand’s distinctive visual language.

The vision

In the pursuit of a cohesive vision, the Mexican creative team, comprising visual engineer Willian Avila, camera operator César Reynoso, and myself as the producer, embarked on a mission to seamlessly merge various shots and components of the burger’s descent.

This intricate endeavor involved synchronizing a robotic arm with the camera’s motion, ensuring a harmonious interplay as each layer of the burger gracefully fell.

Numerous exhaustive rounds of testing were conducted, spanning extensive hours, in order to meticulously evaluate various iterations until the ultimate selection could be made.

The result

After enduring relentless hours of labor and stress over the course of a weekend, we ultimately achieved a piece that filled us with immense pride, which we are delighted to present in the video below.

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