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My Suicide

Henri Roorda

My Suicide is a darkly humorous and satirical novella by Henri Roorda, first published in French in 1910. The book tells the story of an unnamed narrator who, after many years of struggling with the monotony and absurdity of modern life, decides to end his own life.

However, rather than choosing a traditional method of suicide, the narrator decides to commit suicide in a more unique and creative way. He sets out to make a list of all the things he hates about life, and then systematically works through the list, eliminating each item one by one until he is left with nothing.

As the narrator proceeds through his list, he offers scathing and humorous critiques of various aspects of society, including education, politics, and religion. He also reflects on his own life and relationships, ultimately coming to the conclusion that suicide is not the answer.

My Suicide has been praised for its dark humor and incisive commentary on modern life. Roorda's writing style is spare and direct, and his use of satire and irony adds depth and complexity to the story. Despite its heavy subject matter, the book is ultimately a celebration of life and a call to action for readers to make the most of their time on earth.

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