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Save the Cat

Blake Snyder

"Save the Cat" by Blake Snyder is a book that provides a detailed guide to screenwriting, with a focus on creating successful and commercially viable scripts. The book takes its title from Snyder's belief that a character should be shown doing something nice early on in the story to make the audience care about them, such as saving a cat.

The book is divided into three parts: "What is it?", "Give Me the Beat Sheet," and "I'll Do It My Way." In the first part, Snyder introduces his ideas on the key elements of a successful screenplay, including the importance of genre, the role of the protagonist, and the use of "the board," a visual tool for mapping out a story's structure.

In the second part, Snyder presents his "beat sheet," a fifteen-point plan for structuring a screenplay that he claims can be applied to any genre. The beat sheet includes steps such as "Opening Image," "Theme Stated," "Fun and Games," and "All is Lost." Snyder explains each step in detail, offering examples from popular films to illustrate his points.

In the final part, Snyder addresses some common screenwriting problems and offers advice on how to overcome them. He also emphasizes the importance of finding one's own voice as a writer and not relying too heavily on formulaic approaches.

Overall, "Save the Cat" is a comprehensive guide to screenwriting that offers practical advice and insights for writers looking to create successful and engaging scripts.

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