October 25th, 2022

Astronaut LGBTQ+ Phone Wallpaper

I believe it is no secret that I am a big LGBTQ+ advocate. Ever since coming to terms with my own sexuality I became well aware of the lack of representation there is. Representation matters for a lot of reasons. For me, personally, is the power that comes with seeing a trait of yourself in someone or something that can achieve great things.

It’s a well little known fact that the science and technology spaces lack a lot of representation for LGBTQ+ folks like myself in comparison to other professions. This is slowly changing thanks to some amazing people and communities that have bound together to create safe spaces.

Creating a community

In the past couple of years I’ve become a member in multiple LGBTQ+ tech and science communities. Here it is important to thank the people who took the first step and decided to build a safe spaces for all of us.

I would love to feature some of those special places (which I consider some of the best on the internet).

We code stuff here

The first community online I’d love to highlight is the “We Code Stuff Here” channel on Discord.

“We Code Stuff Here” LGBTQ+ discord channel screenshot

This community was founded by a guy named Tomas Maillo who I came across on TikTok. Tomas is a young college student who loves to share what he works on and learns on TikTok, Twitch and Discord.


This second community is called Tech.lgbt. Tech.lgbt is a Mastodon instance for tech workers, academics, students, and others interested in tech who are LGBTQ+ or allies.

tech.lgbt community screenshot
Tech.lgbt community screenshot

Tech.lgbt was founded by david wolfpaw (yes with a lower case d). They are the manager of this wonderful community as well as an amazing person. If you have the time, I’d recommend checking out their website and all the incredible stuff they do.

LGBTQ+ representation on a wallpaper

Now, last but not least. The reason you may be here. These are the reasons why I decided to create an Astronaut themed LGBTQ+ wallpaper that is as simple as this one are to have something we could all bond over, something we could carry with us everywhere we go and to have something we could see ourselves reflected on that is as cool as the tech and science spaces.

Astronaut LGBTQ+ phone wallpaper mock-up
Astronaut LGBTQ+ phone wallpaper mock-up

As with past wallpapers, this wallpaper comes in a variety of LGBTQ+ flags, including the Asexual, Bisexual, Demisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Pride & Trans flags.

You may download the wallpaper for free from my Gumroad Shop

Hope you like them!

Like always, until next time,
Danny Bribiesca

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